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Family Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary collaborative process where individuals who have a conflict with one another identify issues, develop options, consider alternatives, and develop a consensual agreement. Trained mediators facilitate open communication to resolve differences in a non-adversarial, confidential manner.

Family mediation (divorce, separation, conflicts) provides an opportunity to resolve matters in a positive and constructive way by helping to improve communication between family members.  It often results in greater understanding and improved communication and often leads to long-lasting agreements, favorable to everyone.

Individual Support & Coaching

I accompany individuals who are facing difficult situations at work (sexual and moral harassment, verbal aggression, isolation, workload issues, burn-out, stress, misunderstanding, communication issues) or in their family (divorce, separation, communication issues etc.) through legal and strategic support & coaching.

At work :

  • sexual and moral (mobbing) harassment
  • abusive behavior
  • verbal aggression
  • workload issues
  • isolation
  • demotivation
  • burn-out
  • stress
  • communication issues, conflicts
  • disagreement, misunderstandings, etc.

Family :

  • divorce
  • separation
  • communication issues
  • conflicts, etc.

Supporting you in addressing difficult situations

As a Lawyer, accredited Mediator recognized by the Swiss Lawyer Association (SBA) and accredited civil Mediator with the Tribunal Cantonal Vaudois, I am able to support my clients in their family matters.